Critical Mass Harrisburg

Now, I don’t know who has been putting up all these critical mass Harrisburg flyers… but they forgot to start the wordpress blog they mention on the flyer. I figured I’d take the opportunity to start it up just for those of us that actually would like to do a critical mass in Hbg.

Meeting Place/Time:

Last Friday of each month


Front & Walnut St. (Walking Bridge) in Harrisburg

I’m looking forward to meeting whoever came up with this idea to start one up in Harrisburg. See you on the 27th!


5 Responses to Critical Mass Harrisburg

  1. Josh says:


    I have not seen any flyers, but I was thinking about trying to get a Harrisburg critical mass ride going. I’m in!!

    Where did you see flyers?

  2. Thanks says:

    Hey thanks for making this. Sorry i never got around to it. Ive been way to busy lately. See you there i guess.

  3. hbg1spd says:

    I was thinking about starting one too…the I came across flyers while out at Pedal Pushers in Harrisburg…

    I kept checking to see if the site would be up, and then just figured I’d put it up so others knew there was interest. Glad to see others are interested!

  4. Bone says:

    I can’t make it tonight, but I’ll be there next month.

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